Does Green Coffee Help to Reduce Weight?

Well, most of us have heard of green tea and not green coffee. So, to update those who are aloof of green coffee, green coffee is nothing but a drink that is derived from coffee beans that have remained unroasted. Most of us take to drinking green tea due to the properties of green tea that help in losing weight. But is the same true for green coffee? We shall find that out in the article that follows: Green coffee, just like green tea, is known to help you in losing weight in the following ways:
  • The chlorogenic acid that is present in the brew acts as an antioxidant that helps you to lose weight to a great extent. When you roast the coffee beans, the quantity of the acid so found in natural beans is reduced. Hence, coffee, in general, is not considered a healthy drink for weight loss.
  • The mild flavor imparted by the drink implies that the coffee beans have not been roasted artificially. This again implies that the natural components remain intact. This, in turn, goes a long way in helping to lose
  • The brew is known to boost metabolism to a great extent.
  • If you are hungry most of the times, drinking green coffee shall ensure that you do not feel hungry very frequently. This, in turn, will naturally aid you to lose
  • Studies have further shown that drinking green coffee regularly can help reduce the absorption of sugar in the small intestine of the body. This, in turn, helps to burn more and more calories thereby helping you lose all those extra calories.
Word of Caution: Green coffee, life the normal coffee may have various side effects including the following:
  • Irregular sleeping cycles
  • Restlessness and anxiety
  • Increase in the heart rate
Thus, you need to be really careful before you begin to include green coffee in your regular dieting plan.Further, the studies conducted on the weight loss property of green coffee are only at a nascent stage. Further research on the same is being conducted. So, it is highly recommended that you do a thorough research and take lessons from the experiences of others who have included green coffee in their regular diet.
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