How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy Naturally?

Lots of women these days are searching for ways to avoid the pregnancy. Pills and other methods are not viable for many women so they are looking for natural ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy. On the other side it is also claimed by the doctors that the excessive usage of pills may lead to severe hormonal problems. All you need to understand is your body’s fertility cycle and this can, most likely, help avoid pregnancy if you are not ready. There are a number of natural methods of birth control. You can choose and pick the one that suits you.

1. Herbal Tea

You can prepare a concoction or herbal tea with Parsley twice a day. It is very mild and surely will not have any adverse side effects. Therefore these are effective natural remedies to control unwanted pregnancy.

2. Vitamin C

With the properties of making the skin glowing and healthy, Vitamin C is an effective method for unwanted pregnancy as well. A 1500 mg capsule of Vitamin C twice a day for 3 days is sufficient if you had unprotected sex. But avoid excessive usage as it may cause irregularities in the body.

3. Papaya

It is known as natural abortifacient and a birth control remedy. After an unsafe intercourse, you must have papaya for at least 4-5 days regularly. You would be able to prevent pregnancy.

4. Dried Figs

These are also very effective in controlling the conception. Just have about 2-3 pieces but not more than that. It really helps if consumed after intercourse.

5. Ginger

A household name and a well-known kitchen ingredient. It can help immensely to prevent pregnancy as it fuels menstrual flow. Just grate it and boil in the water for some time. Drink it hot.

6. Cinnamon

Is another effective birth control remedy. You need to soak the cinnamon sticks overnight and drink it in the morning on empty stomach. It will clear your stomach, uterus and other issues. But surely consult your doctor once before consuming this.

A word of caution

Though there are a number of herbs which reduce the chances of conceiving but not all are safe as some may have risks and side effects. It is best to consult your doctor in case you are planning to put these remedies to use. A wrong usage of herbs or mistakenly wrong herbs used can cause some severe complications. Conclusion Well for some ladies, pregnancy is very overwhelming, and for some it could be upsetting. Obviously if a woman is not ready for such a huge commitment, it will be very difficult. If you had an unprotected sex and not ready to conceive yet, you may try any of the above mentioned natural pregnancy control methods.They are the safest ways to avoid pregnancy and will either stop the fertilization for a while or attaching of the sperm to the fertilized ovum. But also make sure that you have a word with your doctor before using these methods.
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