What are the Side Effects of Eating Momos?

A lot of people debate about the ill-effects of Momos and most of the youngsters would tell you that Momos are really healthy as they have steamed meat or steamed vegetables. But is that really true? Is this cheap Junk Food from Tibet really healthy? Our team did a complete research to debug the truth and the truth might shock you. As you may have guessed it, Momos are not at all healthy and they are really a bad food for the health of the people. Let us look at the side effect of the Momos and let us also look at the reason for calling it unhealthy

1. Fried Momos and Acidity

The fried Momos are deep fried in oil and the first problem is that you don’t know what sort of fats are being used in frying the Momos. In addition to this, the oil is reused again and again which actually makes it really unhealthy. These fried Momos can actually cause a lot of acidities and even upset stomach.

2. Use of Refine Flour

It is known that these Momos are made with refined flour which is actually bleached with help of chemicals like benzoyl peroxide. As per some of the research, these bleaching agents can damage the function of the pancreas and they can also lead to diabetes.

3. Typhoid and Other Diseases

The ingredients used in making Momos are of inferior quality. The chicken used is the left over one and the vegetables used in making Momos are usually stale. Moreover, as per one of the research, some of the Momos may also contain fecal matter as the environment in which Momos are made is not sterilized. All these things combined together make a deadly cocktail and they are enough to make anyone sick.

4. Spicy Sause

Everyone loves the spicy Sause that comes with the Momos but the truth is that the sauce is too spicy and it can cause heart burns and other such gastric problems. Hence you have a good reason to avoid Momos.

5. Contains MSG

MSG is the same substance which leads to the downfall of Maggie Noodles. The fact is that MSG is really harmful and Momos have this compound in excess. It is basically used to give flavor to Momos and it is known that the overdose of MSG can also develop serious symptoms in the people. Talking about the final verdict, we are not against the consumption of Momos but the fact is that the Momos should be consumed in limit and it is actually found to consume Momos once in a while. It should be noted that you should visit a good food joint for having Momos or else it can make you really sick. Having Momos which are made of high quality ingredients is really important. Alternatively, you can also cook them at home and the ones cooked at home will surely be healthy. You can replace refined flour with wheat flour to make it healthier.
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