What are the Symptoms of Depression?

Among all the other diseases, depression is the most common one and there are millions of people in the world that are currently suffering through depression. When we hear the word “depression” we often ignore it and mistake it for stress whereas in real it is a whole different and serious issue. Here in this article we are going to tell you about what depression actually is and what are its symptoms so in case you ever find these symptoms in the people surrounding you or even if you yourself feel   then you actually can talk to them and get them treated as soon as possible. Symptoms of Depression Depression is basically a common mental illness that has a very negative effect on how you feel, how you think and how you act. It is one of those diseases that cannot be seen but only felt and people suffering through depression mostly feel sad all the time and their thoughts are always negative or sad. Furthermore, they lack interest in all their activities and also feel unhappy about everything all the time.

Symptoms of Depression


One of the most surprising and common sign that shows that you have depression is pain. You are in continuous pain specially your lower back and your neck is having that irritating pain that you cannot get rid of. What actually happens is that when a person is in depression, he or she starts to feel things more acutely and same is the case with the discomfort and pain in neck and other body parts, you feel more pain than normal people and are unable to handle the severity. More common signs of depression include headaches and migraine


According to a research, people who are suffering through insomnia find it really difficult to sleep at night and in severe cases people just cannot go to sleep, their bodies are in a miserable state of unrest and sadness takes over them during the night hours which is why their brain just keep thinking about all the negative thoughts and the brain doesn’t allow you to sleep and rest for a while. So, in case you have insomnia and cannot sleep at night for a while now then you must consult a psychiatrist or talk to any of your family member about the problem that you are going through.

Change of Appetite

The other major symptom of depression is that you feel less hungry and at times even if you don’t eat for the whole day, you yet don’t feel hunger and this than ultimately results in quick weight loss. In some depression cases, there are people who just gained a lot of weight too but mostly people have the unquestionable weight loss which is a clear cut sign that you need to consult a psychiatrist.

Suicidal thoughts

You can be sure that you are having depression if you get suicidal or death thoughts all the time! People with depression just cannot control on the flow of negative thoughts and negativity which is why they think of death as the ultimate place where they can find peace which is totally wrong! So, if you are having the suicidal feelings or thought coming in your mind then leave everything at the moment and rush to the doctor! This needs to be treated and the other reason why depression must be talked out is that there is a huge figure of people killing themselves each year all around the world just because they think they no longer can handle the stress and they think that they are useless! Here you can see what trouble has depression caused to people all around the world. So, in case you think that someone around you is going through a state of depression or if you think that you have any or all of the above symptoms then you must get yourself checked and talk it out before it’s too late! Also you should go for a monthly check up in order to be sure that your body is functioning properly. Specially keep a check at your heart rate and for that you can buy yourself a stethoscope from the http://www.stethoscopeguides.com/ so that you can just keep good care of yourself, both mentally and physically!
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