What Happens When a Diabetic eats too Much Sugar?

We all know how unsafe it is for a diabetic to consume sugar or sugar laden food items. The hormone named Insulin makes it difficult for sugar to stay in the blood stream but if a person is already diabetic it means that his body’s insulin resistance is very low, and the sugar will never leave the blood stream. Therefore it will have a harmful impact on the body. When a diabetic eats too much sugar, below mentioned can be expected

1. Polyuria

frequent urge to go to the washroom, excessive urination and dehydration is one of the side effect of eating too much sugar. Due to excessive blood sugar, it becomes difficult for kidneys to process. Thus water is excreted out.

2. Diabetic Coma

Excessive sugar can result in processing of muscles as a form of energy instead of sugar. It leads to diabetic coma or unconsciousness combined with shock, exhaustion and dehydration.

3. Vision Impairment

Too much sugar consumption has an adverse effect on eyes. The person may even go blind or vision impaired as the eyes bear the effect of ruptured veins due to high blood sugar. It happens when the body starts using the muscles rather than fat for energy.

4. Amputation

another disheartening effect of diabetes is the amputation. Due to excessive water, lot of diabetics complain of water retention in their feet and other parts of body. Due to which it gets swollen. Over a period of time, it gets difficult for a person to walk and move around. Eventually amputation is the last resort.

5. Metabolism dysfunction

this is a very common problem and a very difficult one to deal with. In case the metabolism is not functioning well, it will be a problem as you would be dealing with high blood pressure and belly obesity.

6. Liver damage

Too much of sugar will have a severe effect on the liver leading to a potential damage making it very difficult for a person to survive.

7. Weight fluctuation

eating too much sugar will make you crave for food more. Thus there will be lot of weight fluctuation and risk involved. It may also lead to rise in uric acid levels. You may also feel numbness and nauseated in case of high blood sugar levels.

8. Ulcers and blisters

 Diabetics have often complained that there are ulcers and sores that get developed on their bodies. It not treated they can also lead to amputation. The wounds of a diabetic takes a lot of time to heal and that is because of sugar content in the blood. Conclusion If a diabetic eats too much sugar, only danger can be foreseen. If not immediate then gradual. If consumed in moderation, sugar does not has an adverse effect on the body but if a diabetic consumes sugar, his blood sugar levels will rise making it very difficult for him to survive. You must meet your doctor in case you feel tiredness and want to urinate frequently. Also there are remedies available to get rid of diabetes but the most important one is to control the blood sugar levels.
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