Guide to learning how to wear makeup

It's not easy for everyone to do a successful makeup job. To achieve it, it is important to practice. A good make-up is achieved through very specific gestures to master. Thus, to know how to apply make-up correctly, it is essential to follow important steps. The face is a part of the body that must absolutely be highlighted.

Looking at yourself and preparing your skin

Make-up is an excellent way to highlight your assets and hide your small imperfections. So, before getting started, you must first make a personal assessment. This first step is really important because it determines all the remaining steps to answer the question "how to wear make-up". To do this, you put yourself in front of a mirror to see the type of face. Then, we identify the different traces of emotions on the face. Finally, we make sure to define the objective. This first part will be followed by the preparation of the facial skin. The application of foundation will then be preceded by make-up removal. It will be necessary afterwards to make an eye contour and then to apply a foundation. The latter will be done in a soft way by proceeding from the center to the outside, from the bottom to the top and the neck is not to be forgotten.

Lighten the complexion

For the beauty setting, the complexion must not be neglected under any circumstances. To do this, we follow a few important steps to take care of it: Choice of the foundation: it consists in selecting a shade in order to homogenize the setting in beauty;
  • Work in a place that does not lack light: this will facilitate the detection of the various imperfections;
  • Application of the foundation using a brush and then a sponge;
  • Use of an anti dark circles a little light;
  • Adoption of a creamy blush.
  • The look and the smile
Eye makeup is not limited to mascara and eye shadow. It is also essential to draw the eyebrows well in order to create an interesting personality for the face. The steps below are then to be followed to sublimate the glance:
  • Plucking and underlining the eyebrows;
  • Apply an eye shadow;
  • Add cream eyeliner
As for the smile, it is recommended to apply a balm that will activate to plump the lips. It will also be effective in removing dead skin. All that will be left to do is to apply a gloss or lipstick as you go out.
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