How much is obsidian crystal worth?

obsidian crystal

These crystals can generally be found where volcanic mountains are. It is also referred to as volcanic glass since they form on the surface when volcanic lava cools during an eruption. Unlike other gems, the volcanic glass forms faster and above the ground. The other gemstones take years and a lot of exerted pressure to crystallize and form deep within the earth. The obsidian crystal comes in different colors due to different chemical make-up. This valuable stone is normally used to make jewellery and lately, it is used to make surgical blades. Even though man has not developed an international market that would help set prices, values, and demand for the volcanic glass, the stone is known to have great value to those who own them. It is essential to learn of the value properties they possess. You can visit the minerals kingdom website by following this link to know more. This article is going to give an insight into the litho therapeutic values of the volcanic glass below.

The healing ability of the volcanic glass precious stone

Besides their beauty, the volcanic glass minerals have some physical healing value. The wearer of this precious stone will reap its advantageous property and most likely be of good health. These intense gemstones result in one having good healthy blood flow and help with the digestive system. It does this by ensuring that one is of clear mind and has the clarity to solve their problems.

Once an individual can solve their problems, they will have a healthy mental state which means there will be no depression and sadness periods. This will in turn ensure that body muscles and major body organs are in good shape. It makes sure that one’s digestive system is functioning properly.

In addition to that, the stone ensures that an individual doesn’t contract life-threatening diseases or conditions like high blood pressure and ulcers. It is achieved through its ability to induce mental clarity and reduce negativity thus reducing stress. When an individual is chronically stressed, the body might experience changes like in the production of digestive acid, stomach, and intestinal wall mucous. When the body produces less of the protective intestine wall mucous, the stomach and intestine walls end up being corroded. This leads to one suffering from stomach ulcers.

Stress is also known to cause high blood pressure since it causes an increased heart rate and constricted blood vessels. It eventually causes high blood pressure. However, all this will be avoided when one possesses volcanic glass.

In case of a headache, one can rub the stone against their temples. The positive vibe and energy it possesses will sweep in and calm the mind. It will eventually heal the headache.

Emotional and Mental healing abilities.

As discussed above, deteriorated mental health status can lead to diseases that will, in turn, reduce a person’s quality of life years. It is great to know that volcanic glass helps one to be rid of poor mental health issues like depression, stress, and worry. The healing properties of the stone deeply reach in and get rid of the negative thoughts and energies. The wearer will be able to discern situations even when having a lot of problems. The gem is known to activate the root chakra which will ground an individual even in times of trouble. One will not feel like they are being attacked from all corners. This in turn will reduce the possibility of an individual being depressed or chronically stressed.

Volcanic glass is also known to be protective against bad omen or as normally called, bad juju. Whether the bad juju is generated internally or externally, the volcanic glass cast a protective layer over one. An individual won’t be swallowed up in pain and hopelessness. Instead, a person will be able to see things through their third eye and discern truth from lies, harmful from harmless, and so on.

In addition to that, the volcanic glass gives one the ability and courage to look deep into themselves. With its mirroring properties, it enables an individual to envision their wounds and highs. When most people are hurt, they are afraid of dealing with the feelings and end up boxing it up and tucking it away. With several repeated actions of tucking away feelings, it becomes a habit that leads to a deep emotional wound. The wound that keeps growing if not dealt with. When one uses the volcanic glass, one gets the courage to dig up all the emotional hurt and face it instead of burying it. This enables one to look in their dark past and work through their issues thus healing and maturing emotionally.

Spiritual Properties

The volcanic glass also can maintain the balance of the root chakra. The root chakra is responsible for an individual’s sense of security, stability, and safety. This chakra is represented by items that symbolize stability to human beings. These include basic needs like clothing, housing, food, and emotional wants. A balance in the root chakra is seen through the physical health of an individual since it is also in charge of body parts like the colon, left heart ventricle that pumps the blood, lower back, etc. An imbalance of the root chakra will cause discomforts such as feet issues, colon diseases, and so on. Since the root chakra is mainly in charge of grounding one, its imbalance will lead to emotional instability. This makes it possible for one to sink in worry, fear, and depression. To gain balance of the root chakra, one can use a volcanic glass gemstone when realigning it. When lying down, you can place it at the lower back area where the root chakra is located.

In addition to that, the volcanic glass also helps maintain the balance of the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is located on one’s central forehead. The third eye chakra is in charge of our higher wisdom, visualization, intuition. This is how the sixth sense concept comes into existence. When the third eye chakra is in balance one can reason from a wider perspective. One no longer sees a black and white situation. On the other hand, when the third eye chakra is out of balance some physical symptoms will manifest. These include brow area tension, strained eyesight, and headaches. Some emotional, psychological, and mental issues might arise.

Volcanic glass can also be used to realign the solar plexus chakra’s stability. This chakra is located at the upper belly of the diaphragm. It is in charge of an individual’s identity, ego, self-esteem and self-authenticity, and gut system. When it is out of balance, the physical symptoms that will be observed include stomach aches, acid refluxes, eating disorders, etc. On top of that emotional issues can also be observed in an individual whose solar plexus chakra is out of balance. The emotional issues that will most likely occur include victim mentality, low self-esteem, helplessness, and insecurity.

On the other hand, when the solar plexus chakra is in balance, an individual tends to live the best version of their lives without the limitations of fear, esteem issues, and digestive system sickness. It leads to an all-around positive life.

Zodiac gemstone

Each zodiac sign has different characteristics which are normally kept in check/ balance using their appropriate birthstone. In this case, Scorpios and Sagittarius are the zodiac signs that have volcanic glass as a birthstone. Scorpios are normally fiery, intense, and deeply emotional. While going through the intense emotions, Scorpios can use volcanic glass to ground them while they are wading through their intense feeling. It eases them up from the burden of emotions. This birthstone can also help an individual belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign releases the excess energy they have.

Sagittarius is the other zodiac sign who can use volcanic glass as a birthstone. Sagittarius is well known for their highly adventurous spirit and their honesty. Because of their adventurous side, they mostly tend to leap before they look. The volcanic glass has protective and truth sayer properties. The volcanic glass will protect a Sagittarian when they are up and about being adventurous and doing things before they think. This birthstone will try and ground them and also ensure they are safe. When Sagittarians are reflecting on themselves, the volcanic glass helps them to stay true to themselves while they are meditating and working on themselves. It is essential for their peace of mind.

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