What are the benefits of relaxation?

Published on : 04 June 20202 min reading time

Before knowing the benefits of relaxation, we must first understand its meaning. In common parlance, we talk about relaxation using the terms anti-stress techniques and relaxation techniques. In fact, relaxation techniques aim to combat overwork, depression and fatigue. When we take a break, we give the body time to recharge its batteries.

What is relaxation?

By definition, relaxation is a means voluntarily adopted to help the body reach a state of relaxation. It essentially affects all levels: physical, nervous and mental.

To achieve its end, relaxation techniques are used. The different methods allow, among other things, to empty the mind and to relax muscular tensions. The main objective is translated as a state of letting go. There is no longer any way for parasitic thoughts to affect the mind.

The benefits of relaxation

There are several benefits of relaxation:

  • A means of preventing or treating stress and all the common ailments such as insomnia, muscle aches, digestive problems, etc. ;
  • An ideal practice to relax muscles as well as joints;
  • Calming of the nervous system;
  • A method to regain strength (not to be confused with sleep);
  • A practice that does not require a nap, but is performed while being wide awake.

The different relaxation techniques

To reach a state of relaxation, simply choose from the various techniques available. The most adopted techniques are Sophrology, Zen meditation, Yoga and autogenic training. If one wants to practice more specific methods, one can opt for the Jacobson. However, whatever relaxation technique is chosen, it is advisable to follow a period of training and initiation. This will optimize the attainment of the desired state of relaxation and of course to enjoy all the benefits of relaxation.

To be sure that relaxation is effective, it is always advisable to practice it in a quiet place, in semi-darkness and at a pleasant temperature. Also, it is important to select the right clothing to be comfortable. For beginners, it would be more comfortable for them to bet on positions that are not very complicated. Either one chooses the reclining position, or one activates oneself with a sitting position on a chair.

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